White Moon
White Moon was founded in 2011 by Eileen Chen, Ford Supermodel of the World Singapore Finalist 2003. White Moon epitomises luxury in its purest form; rare, exclusive, and totally unexpected. Uniquely inspired by nature, freedom, and the attraction of positive energy, the White Moon Collections and Creations seamlessly blend classic beauty with contemporary creativity and hand-made craftsmanship.
White Moon accessories are timeless and celebrate the richness of the human touch. Extraordinary hand-selected precious pearls, crystals, gems, and materials sourced from the exotic corners of the globe are woven together by master craftsmen and expert artisans to form truly beautiful and inspiring pieces of art.
White Moon is designed for the discerning woman who recognises quality craftsmanship, seeks that special and rare luxury item, and is captivated by the heart and soul behind the design.