KALAIA Label invites you to our favourite escapade - to take in the wonders of the universe and its endless time; to feel the earth beneath your feet, get salt in your hair and dance till the moon fades... All KALAIA creations are made for the honouring the true bohemian spirit of individuality, art and freedom of the mind. Our designs embrace natural female silhouettes and subtly accentuate the bohemian attitude. Every piece is a gem to follow you through the different phases of life. KALAIA’s fresh take on bohemian wear is epitomised by the use of luxury fabrics such as silk, finished with fine detailing and form. At the heart of every collection is the mind of a bohemian believer. Versatile, functional and luxurious, KALAIA takes pride in her individualistic style revealed in every detail with a bold and feminine edge. All designs are proudly designed and made in Singapore in limited quantities, using only premium fabrics and quality traditional workmanship.